Welcome to the Singapore Management University (SMU) Do Not Contact Registry. You can register your withdrawal and/or consent preferences in receiving marketing messages from SMU for your mobile number, fixed/fax line number and/or email address. The registration is free and will not expire. Ensure that you carefully read the terms and conditions before submitting your registration. For the avoidance of doubt, if you indicate your "consent" to receiving marketing messages from SMU at your specific Singapore telephone number, such "consent" will be clear and unambiguous and will override your registration (if any) on the Personal Data Protection Commission's national Do Not Call Registry. Should you wish to change your mind subsequently, you may register your said preferences via the same methods below.

Kindly note that the SMU DNC Registry is not applicable to consent and withdrawal of consent for research related matters. If you wish to withdraw your consent or to re-consent in relation to a research that is conducted by SMU, please contact the relevant research office, directly.

Please indicate your preference for receiving marketing messages from SMU on your


Terms & Conditions
Please allow us up to 30 days to effect the change(s) after completing a submission. During this time, you may continue to receive messages from SMU, if your preference was to withdraw your consent, or vice versa. You may also continue to receive messages from SMU after 30 days for:-
  1. Areas for which you have given SMU your clear and unambiguous consent in the Registry, written or other accessible form to receive marketing messages;
  2. Service calls or reminder messages in respect of services that you have with SMU;
  3. Business-to-Business telemarketing; or
  4. Messages related to the subject of your ongoing relationship with SMU.
Please note that the SMU DNC Registry covers only marketing messages. Your indication of preference in the SMU DNC Registry will not impact or limit the rights of SMU to contact you for other non-marketing purposes, such as to confirm your registration for an event or to update you on administrative matters.